Enjoy a Picturesque Floridian Lawn

Providing weed control services in Homestead, FL and beyond

Palm trees are icons of the warm, tropical climate South Floridians love. But they're not the kind of trees you can plant and forget about. To keep your landscape's palms healthy and beautiful, take advantage of Berger's Property Maintenance Company's palm fertilization services.

You can also ask us to perform Hydretain moisture management services. This can be used with our weed control services, as less watering means fewer weeds.

If you're in Homestead, Florida or the surrounding area, you can turn to us for help with...

  • Moisture management
  • Lawn pest control services
  • Weed control services
  • Invasive grass removal

Set up palm tree fertilization services from an experienced landscape specialist today.

Learn about new pest and weed control services

Learn about new pest and weed control services

As technology and science continue to advance, so do lawn care options. Berger's Property Maintenance Company offers tree injections-a safer way of delivering tree protectants to your landscape. Don't worry about spraying chemicals too close to your home.

Keep your lawn lush, your trees healthy and your landscape beautiful by calling 305-484-2888 right now.