Don't Let Pests Ruin Your Landscape

Turn to us for insect control in Homestead, FL or the surrounding area

Leaf miners-insects and larva that feed on plant tissue-can destroy the most carefully planned and well-maintained landscape in a single season. Luckily, Berger's Property Maintenance Company offers insect control to homeowners in Homestead, FL and beyond.

Our insect control service makes use of the latest advances in science and technology, including new tree injection methods.

Is your sickly shrub contagious?

Is your sickly shrub contagious?

Tree and plant disease can spread just like the common cold. If you've got one diseased plant, you're at risk for an outbreak that could affect your entire landscape. But don't worry-Berger's Property Maintenance Company has you covered. We provide...

Shrub fertilization: Keep your plants healthy and resilient.
Disease control: Nip plant diseases in the bud.

Whether you need basic palm or shrub fertilization service or you've got to stop the spread of disease in your landscape, we can help.

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